About Us

Texas Tech Business Valuation Club is a student organization at the Rawls College of Business apart of Texas Tech University. The purpose of our organization is to prepare students for careers in the business valuation profession by helping them to get ahead of other students from around the country. To do this we have students begin to get certifications in business valuation from the American Society of Appraisers as seen below.

  1. BV 201: Introduction to Business Valuation Part 1
  2. BV 202: Introduction to Business Valuation Part 2
  3. BV 203 Business Valuation Case Study

Our Affiliation

The Texas Tech Business Valuation Club is a subset of the Dallas – Fort Worth Chapter of the ASA. As such we learn, network and partner with real professionals that are experienced in the business valuation sector.

As members of the Dallas - Fort Worth Chapter the BV Club tries to take at least 1 trip each semester to meet with real professionals to get real life insight and network with firm leaders. Students chosen to go on these trips are a sampling of our dedicated members who are graduating soon and looking for jobs, to students who are graduating down the line and looking for internships. 

Cost & Fees

For the Club:

Dues for 1 Semester: $40    Dues for 1 Full Year: $60   Business Valuation Form

For the ASA

Dues for 1 Year: $25    student-asa-application



Recruitment Opportunities 

Throughout the year, the Texas Tech Business Valuation club welcomes Mr. John Borrowman to campus to network with members and students. Mr. Borrowman is a talent recruiter for many business valuation firms around the country and a consistent speaker at Business Valuation conferences around the world. His website can be found here.