Tech Business Valuation

Challenging the best students at the Rawls College of Business

Using facilities at the Rawls College of Business students have the opportunity to learn, study and test all in the same location requiring zero travel to testing sites.

When we were formed as a student organization our founders asked themselves what could they do more to get the best jobs that did not come to Texas Tech to recruit for. By pairing up with Dr. Mark Moore a tenured finance professor they formed the Tech Business Valuation club, a student organization designed to help students pass the professional certification exams found in the world of business valuation. 

Fast forward four years later and we find our organization with over 50 active members ranging from freshman to graduate students all preparing to take professional certifications throughout the academic year. 



In 2014 Tech Business Valuation was founded by three students who had been taking the finance class Financial Statements Analysis with Dr. Mark Moore. In an effort to make themselves more marketable and to gain more from their education they formed the Tech Business Valuation Club to attain professional certifications from the American Society of Appraisers. 

In present day the Tech Business Valuation Club is one of the most active and rewarding Rawls College of Business student organizations with alumni around the United States excelling in prestigious jobs. To continue this storied history we continue to test every semester for members looking to attain professional certification and provide every opportunity for members to attain a job before graduating. 

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