Our Success Stories

Below are some of our successful alumni who have gone onto Business Valuation jobs around the country. 
Bronson Dicks

After completing his dual degree in finance and accounting Bronson is a first year associate at BDO Houston in their Business Valuation sector.

Sadikshya Karki

A Masters of Science in Finance, Sadi successfully completed BV 201 and acquired a job with Marcum LLP, in New Haven CT as a business valuation analyst. 

Christian Ritchie

Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a finance degree, Christian is working for Houlihan Lokey as an financial analyst with their forensic litigation division.

Robert Grey

Currently a Business Valuation analyst with Vrakas Business Valuations, Robert graduated with BV 201 and a finance degree in 2017.

Darya White

A valuation analyst with Marcum LLP. in New Haven CT, Darya graduated with her Masters of Science in Finance with a 4.0 in the Masters program.

Aaron Fleitman

As President of BV Club, Aaron graduated with a 4.0 undergraduate finance degree and BV 201 & 202; currently he is working as a financial analyst with Convergent Capital Appraisers.

Vivian Cervantez

After passing BV 201, Vivian went on to accept a role with Southard Financial as a financial analyst focusing on Business Valuation.

Joseph Miller

Having graduated with a finance degree, Joe has been a forensic litigation and business valuation analyst for Whitley Penn in the Dallas Metroplex and has passed BV 201 & BV 202.

Passed BV 201
Employed 100%
Passed BV 202
Employed 100%
Passed BV 203
Employed 100%

If you are interested in contacting one of our Alumni please contact them directly for more information, Tech Business Valuation does not act as an intermediary for inquiries.