BV 201: Introduction to Business Valuation Part 1

Specific Goals of the “Rookie Class”

  • Meet Alternating Weeks throughout the semester to Cover BV 201 Core Curriculum
  • Prepare for Successful Attempt/Pass of the BV 201 Exam at the beginning of next semester
  • Develop Networking Opportunities with our Sponsoring Dallas-Fort Worth ASA chapter
  • Successfully obtain a summer internship in the Valuation Profession

The material below is intended for due paying students within the Texas Tech Business Valuation Club.

Study Material

BV 201 Course Powerpoint


BV 201 Student Manual

Workshop Problems

Chapters 1 - 2 Material


Chapters 6 - 8 Material


Chapters 8 - 13 Material

Other Material

ASA Valuation Standards


Comprehensive Case Study Material


Comprehensive Case Study Financials